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SHIT & SHINE "Scenic Farm'" 2xLP


SHIT & SHINE "Scenic Farm'" 2xLP
clear or clear-red vinyl
offset printed gatefold cover
limited to 150 copies each

Shit and Shine return to Rock Is Hell - home of the legendary Le Grand Larence Prix album from 2011 with the brand spanking new banger Scenic Farm. Spread over two heaving discs, the main man Craig Clouse has once again proved how up there he is right now as a producer, slaying all in his path and showing how far you can really take this shit. It's all right here - from the snare driven Schifrin funk of Camino Real to the growling acid of Whaxaxaxki via the urban sizzurp of Off The Wall and that's just the first side. Take the full ride my friend. Glistening 808's, samples of spoken word, breaks that glitch and split into revealing grooves you had no idea were even there, a smattering of kosmich, total distortion overload, a link up with Evol and a re-do of Pet Brick too. It's all here. You need this.