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4 versions are available:
anthracite cardboard w/ silver print, 54 copies.
beige cardboard w/ black print, 91 copies.
black cardboard w/ white print, 95 copies.
pink cardboard w/ black print, 88 copies.

Andreas Heller and David Reumüller must have had their backs to the wall, as it seemed barely possible to take any further steps to develop their band Reflector. When suddenly and rather unexpectedly, Martin Plass took the stage, or rather, the rehearsal room. Insiders know Plass as a talented singer, bassist of the Striggles, and as an infamous rock-veteran who stood out during the 1980s, hogging the limelight in a variety of bands. Now his lucent voice and breakneck bass light up Reflector‘s universe and the band‘s new album “Turn”, has already been recorded by producer Bernd Heinrauch.