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5.00 - On Sale

Release date: march 27th

Koenigleopold has always worn their allegiance to performance artists like Frank Zappa and (the less scripted) Ol’ Dirty Bastard on their sleeve. There’s always been an element of shock and awful–something that made you smile and shake your head (while further down your ass was doing its own shaking). So what’s the news on their latest release, the 12-inch single “8th of March”/“Montschitschi”?
Well, MC Rhine has become a permanent member of the band–but if there’s a surprise, it’s that they sound almost grown-up. It’s partially due to Rhine: she’s got a good flow, particularly in English (kind of like a Viennese-inflected Missy Elliott) and she steers a deft course between KL’s Dada-masked satire and self-aggrandizement in the best MC tradition. But the songs are generally leaner and more identifiably hip-hop; the beats are still satisfyingly apocalyptic, the signature disturbing vocals and electronics are still there, but it’s all in service of the song.