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"It Can't Get Worse Than This" LP (Rock Is Hell RIP50), clear vinyl / ON SALE

10.00 - On Sale

rock is hell record is proud to announce it's 50th release. a very special sampler with 50 (!) tracks from well known musicians and artists from austria that have already been on rock is hell or have been long time friends with us...
anyway, 50 tracks, 50 locked grooves, loops and a few songs running from the inside out.
this record is not just great music, it is an adventure.

this is the regular version with clear vinyl and silkscreened fold-out cover

(bands on this record are: chfs, [[[Altar:Thron]]], Bug, Maja Osojnik, Spring And The Land, Mile Me Deaf, Riverwitch, Regolith, Ein Schluck Brod, Didibua (Didi Kern), Macaque Revue (Andreas heller & Bernd Heinrauch), Mental Terror, Rokko Anal And The Coathangers, Dr. Mad Fister, Thee Poschband R'n'R Service, Ni, Martin Zrost, Muscle Tomcat Machine (David reumüller & Raumschiff Engelmayr), Izen, Lepenik, Hella Comet, Raumschiff Engelmayr, Slobodan Kajkut, Bulbul, Marek, The Pooka Boys (Richi Herbst & Didi Neidhart), Marufura Fufunjiru, Rdeca Raketa, Zuchthaus, Tumido, Frentellica, The Striggles, Gerald Neumann, Big D., Heifetz, Reflector, Road To Wineville, Flugfeld, Sans Secour, Heimo Wallner + Ron Rost, Bernd Heinrauch, DDKern Philipp Quehenberger, Kauders, Maja Osojnik + Ron Rost + Heimo Wallner + Martin Zrost, NoOne)