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BRONCO JEDSON "No Shirt - No Service" 2x7"


BRONCO JEDSON "No Shirt - No Service" 2x7"

Seven trashy and twangy tracks by Austrian DIY-threesome Bronco Jedson.
Recorded by themselves with crappy vintage Japanese gear in their own rehearsal basement; mastering by H. Niedervolter.
Captain Elektro - bass, vocs., Doktor Lumbago – guitars, vocs., Madame Piff Paff - drums, vocs.

Records are housed in a silkscreened gatefoldcover.
4 diff. versions available:
1st 7" clear-red vinyl, 2nd 7" clear-green vinyl, limited to 150 copies.
1st 7" light-green, 2nd 7" red vinyl, limited to 43 copies.
"Fucked Up Edition I", limited to 9 copies.
"Fucked Up Edition II", limited to 15 copies.

listen here: LISTEN