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BULBUL "Skull, Arrow, Bracket, Hen" LP [2005]

Image of BULBUL "Skull, Arrow, Bracket, Hen" LP [2005]


about the drifting of the moon, animals in space, crane-drivers and moccasine-games (to decide whether day or night should prevail). .raumschiff oberschenkl: guitars, vocals, bassA5, scratching the hunch.

derhunt: bass, bassgnu, guitarA5, vocB4, arching the back.-

ddkern: drummms, grunts, snuffles. ollmann: recording (except: *raumschiff recordings, **ddkern recordings) and mix. moussi bucy: beat-machine, pupik-piano, drawings. 310 pisses 12" with silkscreen-printed sleeves - print: heimo wallner / hotel pupik,.,.,..,.,mastered by rashad becker.,.,.,.,.,