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OCS "Live In San Francisco" 4xLP deluxe Boxset pre-order


pre-order starts April 1st, 6pm (MEZ)

OCS "Live in San Franciso" 4xLP 1-sided Boxset
"Artsy Fartsy" Edition
handmade & silkscreened boxset
all 4 records are pressed on clear with a bit white wax
each record is housed in a silkscreened slip-in cover
each blank side of the records does have a screenprint
artwork by elzo durt
limited to 100 copies

side A
Memory Of A Cut Off Head
Cannibal Planet
Remote Viewer
The Baron Sleeps And Dreams

side B
On & On Corridor
Neighbor To None
The Fool
The Chopping Block

side C
Time Tuner
Lift A Finger
Dreadful Heart

side D
Block Of Ice

Coming Soon